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My Tree’s Leaves Are Turning Brown. Is My Tree Sick?

If your tree’s foliage is turning brown then it is highly likely that your tree has been infected by a tree disease. It is always best to take proactive measures and contact an experienced tree company promptly when you are uncertain as to your tree’s health.

What Tree Diseases Cause The Foliage To Turn Brown?

Oak Wilt:

Oak wilt is annihilating oak trees in Grapevine and the surrounding cities in staggering proportions and ISA certified arborists and tree experts are aggressively working to halt its increasing destruction! This lethal fungal pathogen has already killed millions of oaks throughout Texas and no oak variety is safe from oak wilt infection. Magnificent Shumard red oaks are prevalent in Grapevine neighborhoods and these stately trees are the preferred host tree of this highly-infectious tree disease. Premature defoliation and leaf discoloration varying from yellows to dark brown shades are indicative of its invasion. As this destructive disease will kill an oak tree within just a few months, call a tree doctor immediately when you observe these symptoms or believe you have a sick tree.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch:

There is no cure for this deadly pathogen and numerous popular shade tree varieties throughout Grapevine have been destroyed by it. Necrosis of the tree’s foliage begins developing in early summer and the leaves turn brown around the edges and then exhibit a brownish-black burnt appearance. Premature defoliation will follow as the foliage begins dying. Do not delay in contacting an arbor care professional when your tree’s leaves appear as if they’ve been burned or you sense your tree’s health is declining.


This highly-complex fungal disease targets a plethora of shade tree varieties that are common in Grapevine neighborhoods. It thrives in cool, damp Texas spring weather. Although anthracnose rarely kills the tree, the symptoms it causes to manifest are unsightly. Branches falling, premature defoliation and a thinning canopy are early indications of its presence. Leaves become deformed, shriveled and range in color from tan to dark brownish-black. Call an arborist that treats sick trees right away when your prized tree first begins exhibiting these symptoms.

How Do I Know If My Tree Has A Disease?

Contact an experienced tree company and request a complimentary consultation with their tree expert. The experienced plant pathologist will assess the health of the tree and provide a tree evaluation report. If the tree is suffering from a disease then the tree doctor will administer the specific treatment required in order to guard the tree’s health and prevent it from suffering further damage from the destructive pathogen.

What Can I Do To Keep My Trees Healthy?

Enlist the professional services of the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas to ensure that the health of your trees is protected. Your trees are valuable investments and greatly increase your property value. Deep root fertilization is an important tree health care treatment and a highly-trained tree expert will inject under pressure the specific nutrients your trees require directly into their root zone. Trees that receive this key treatment annually will be 95% less apt to become infected by a disease. The arbor care professionals will personalize an ongoing tree and plant maintenance program that will ensure your residential outdoor habitat and your prized trees always remain in the best of health.

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