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Pine Tip Blight Treatment in Grapevine, TX.

Destroying many established, prized fir trees throughout Grapevine, pine tip blight is a lethal fungal disease that tree care specialists are continuously encountering. Austrian pines, Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, and Scottish pine are frequently targeted as well as many other fir varieties. This disease most often invades trees over thirty years of age that have suffered wounds and stressful climatic conditions. The fungus spreads quickly by wind gusts and splashing rain during wet spring weather. As this disease kills the tree rapidly if left untreated, contact a certified arborist promptly when your fir tree is declining in appearance. Pine Tip Blight Treatment in Grapevine, TX, call (817) 968-1441 for an Pine Tip Blight diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Pine Tip Blight Disease

The official diagnosis is achieved quickly by the arbor care professional who thoroughly examines the tree and outdoor environment to complete the tree evaluation report. Black pin-dots on needles, cones and bark, excessive needle loss and canker wounds along branches and the trunk all confirm pine tip blight infection. The Grapevine tree doctor will evaluate the findings and determine the immediate treatment necessary and personalize the ongoing maintenance and care regimen to prevent the disease from spreading through the residential grounds.

Treatment Of Pine Tip Blight

Ground debris and any dead or severely diseased trees must be promptly removed by the tree service professional. Deep root fertilization ensures a healthy root system and a one year warranty is offered with this treatment. Vertical mulching and deep root watering increase the tree's disease resistance. Properly timed and administered fungicide applications by an experienced tree company are highly effective in keeping this deadly pathogen at bay. Entrust the care of your statement trees and residential grounds to the best arborist in Grapevine and have pride in knowing your beautiful investments will be admired for many years to come! ! If you have Pine Tip Blight on your property, call (817) 968-1441 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Grapevine, TX.

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