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Spider Mites Treatment in Grapevine, TX.

Spider Mites are rampant in Grapevine because these microscopic pests are fondest of hot, dry weather as is typified by North Texas summers. Tree experts aggressively battle these arachnid-related irritants because they reproduce astoundingly fast and overtake outdoor habitats quickly. Spider Mites attack both trees and plants and are easily spread by wind and rain. Left untreated, Spider Mites can ultimately destroy the tree; therefore, contact a tree care specialist immediately when you first observe damage to your tree's leaves! Spider Mites Treatment in Grapevine, TX, call (817) 968-1441 for an Spider Mites diagnosing!


Spider Mites Treatment? Call Arbor Care Experts of Grapevine!

Diagnosing Spider Mites Disease

A tree evaluation report is swiftly completed by an experienced plant pathologist after intense examination of the tree and investigating the habitat grounds. These pests siphon the liquid from foliage and infested leaves are speckled, discolored, shriveled or dead. Silken webbing on the underside of leaves is definite confirmation of Spider Mite presence. Bark and leaves are examined for spider mite eggs. Upon diagnostic confirmation, the Grapevine tree doctor determines the immediate treatment required and customizes the continual maintenance care plan necessary to prevent further spider mite infestation.

Treatment Of Spider Mites

Dead and severely infested trees, branches and ground debris must immediately be removed by a professional tree service. Insecticide treatments are effective and must be applied by an arborist that treats sick trees and a one year warranty is provided on any treatment they recommend and administer. Regular pruning by a tree trimming service eliminates newly-infested stems. Ensure that you will always be proud of your prized trees and residential outdoor environment by entrusting their care to the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas! If you have Spider Mites on your property, call (817) 968-1441 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Grapevine, TX.

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