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Bag Worms Treatment in Grapevine, TX.

The cone-shaped appendages hanging from your trees are cleverly disguised insects known as Bag Worms. The tiny worms spin silken webs scattered with leaf and bark pieces on the outside so as to hide while they eat away at the enclosed leaves. Certified arborists are continuously encountering Bag Worms in Grapevine because these annoying pests infiltrate many popular tree varieties such as Leyland cypress, juniper, spruce, live oak, maple, and elm. Contact a tree expert promptly when you notice these small conical forms dangling from your trees! Bag Worms Treatment in Grapevine, TX, call (817) 968-1441 for an Bag Worms diagnosing!


Bag Worms Treatment? Call Arbor Care Experts of Grapevine!

Diagnosing Bag Worms Disease

Diagnosis is swiftly achieved by an experienced plant pathologist who dissects the bags to reveal eggs and larvae. Trees are closely investigated for beginning formations of cocoons. Mature moths emerge in spring so their occupation within the habitat grounds is further confirmation of Bag Worm invasion. The Grapevine arbor care professional will study the tree evaluation report and determine the immediate treatment required and the personalized maintenance regimen necessary to halt Bag Worm infestation.

Treatment Of Bag Worms

Deep root fertilization administered by a tree expert boosts the tree's immunity and increases its resilience to insect pests and diseases. Towards the end of spring insecticide applications are successful when expertly scheduled and directed by the tree doctor. A one year warranty on any treatment is provided. All hanging bags must immediately be removed from the premises and destroyed by the tree service professional. Protect your grand trees and the eye-catching residential outdoor environment from displeasing visual marring by delegating their care to the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas! If you have Bag Worms on your property, call (817) 968-1441 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Grapevine, TX.

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