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Leaf Spot Treatment in Grapevine, TX.

Certified arborists in Grapevine frequently battle the unsightly tree disease known as leaf spot because this annoying pathogen thrives in humid, wet weather that North Texas experiences during spring. Leaf spot multiplies rapidly on ground debris and spreads quickly from splashing rain and wind. Leaf spot is so common that it is nearly impossible to prevent without the help of a tree care specialist. Contact a tree expert immediately when you first observe black spots on your tree's leaves! Leaf Spot Treatment in Grapevine, TX, call (817) 968-1441 for an Leaf Spot diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Leaf Spot Disease

The diagnosis report is completed quickly by a certified arborist after investigating the habitat grounds and closely inspecting the tree. Wet areas and standing water spurn leaf spot spore reproduction. Premature leaf loss, a thinning appearance, black spots and browning dead areas on leaves all confirm leaf spot presence. The Grapevine arbor care professional will personalize the on-going maintenance plan necessary to prevent further leaf spot spread and determine the immediate treatment required to eliminate its visible damage.

Treatment Of Leaf Spot

Deep root fertilization administered by an experienced tree company maintains the tree's health and vitality. A one year warranty on any treatment is provided. All ground debris must be professionally removed and destroyed. Regular pruning of infected leaves by a tree trimming service prevents leaf spot spread. Controlled watering by soil drenching and soaker hoses overseen by a tree care specialist eliminates excess water on foliage and throughout the outdoor habitat. Entrust the care of your prized trees and residential grounds to the best arborist in Grapevine and have peace in knowing that your landscape will always make you proud! If you have Leaf Spot on your property, call (817) 968-1441 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Grapevine, TX.

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