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Tree Service Company in Grapevine, TX

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Arbor Care Experts is a leading tree service Grapevine company that provides quality tree solutions and Arborist services. Our services are superior and guaranteed satisfaction is granted by the first visit of a professional arborist.

We offer a number of services in our tree company from tree removal, tree pruning/trimming, tree fertilization, diagnosing and treatments for tree disease, sick trees to a specific concern you may be experiencing today with your trees.

In house we have enabled our arborist to initiate nothing other than quality service to our valuable customers. We acknowledge all key factors of the tree services and urban trees.

With 20 years of experience, professional arborist, best and highest quality equipment and service. Our protocols, standards, and mostly procedures are tied up with the TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) and ISA (International Society of Arborist). Call (817) 968-1441 for a Certified Tree Service in Grapevine, Texas.

Why Hire A Tree Service Company?

Arbor Care Experts has serviced Grapevine for well over 20 years making us your premier tree service company. When it comes to your trees they are the most valuable asset on your landscape. We ensure protection, and healthiness through out our services with 100% satisfaction.

Our in house arborist are informed with great knowledge and experience to resolve any of your problems today dealing with your trees. We are a tree service grapevine company that provides many tree solutions for our client. Our Arbor Care team is certified through the State of Texas to reconcile, treat, diagnose trees in the North Texas region.

With this we are resolving problematic trees everyday helping people with tree trimming, tree removal, tree disease evaluations, healing your sick trees, and those are just a few to name. Tree conservation is one of our main targets to eradicate you about all sick trees, tree disease, and keep our trees in North Texas beautiful and healthy. Homeowners / Business owners can count on our reliable tree care solutions today.

There are many steps you can take to prevent this from happening to your landscape because certain tree diseases are very contagious and can contaminate all of your landscape. It is important to call us today if any of this currently happening.

Since your trees are such an investment to the environment and landscape of your property you have to make sure to get the right arborist to treat and help you conserve your them.

It is essential to be informed what the arborist is conducting on our trees to keep account of this with the TDA and ISA protocols. With Arbor Care Experts we are alined with the TDA and ISA and insured and bonded so all your property will be covered from the time we step foot into your property till the job is done.


Tree removal Grapevine Texas done right by trained professionals that have the proper equipment and training to get the job right and safely. Arbor Care Experts is your premier tree removal grapevine company. We have been removing trees from residential and commercial clients for the past 25 years with excellence. It doesn’t matter what size tree you have we have the right equipment to get the job done. We also excel at emergency tree removal to include storm damage trees the fall over homes in Grapevine and DFW. Our 24 hour tree removal team is here and ready to serve you at this very moment! Normally response time is within two hours from the phone call. We are careful to train our staff to follow all safety guidelines laid out by OSHA and the ISA. Our tree climbers will always get the job done safely making sure your property and family are protected while on your property. For your next tree removal job in grapevine Texas call the professionals and Arbor Care Experts.


Tree trimming is probably one of the most important key components to you trees health. Knowing when your tree species should be trimmed is probably the most critical factor. You will find that most tree service companies are willing to trim your trees anytime of the year. According to the international Society of arboriculture this is not a good practice. Example if your trees are trimmed in the month of May before going into the hot summer months there is a great possibility that your trees will be infected with the sap eating Beetles on the open wounds. This could be detrimental for your overall trees health and cause tree disease and many other complications. It is highly recommended to only trim your trees back during the cooler or winter months when insects or not active or the fungus during the summer will not be a factor. Arbor Care Experts will put your overall trees health at the forefront and give you straight and honest answers when it comes to tree trimming.


Getting the right diagnosis is probably half the battle with most tree service companies. We take all the guesswork out of what disease or insects are operating on your plantation. Especially when it comes to the most valuable asset you have when it comes to your landscape. Your trees have to have the right tree doctor to be able to combat tree disease and give the right treatment or prevention. Arbor Care Experts is your grapevine arborist business. With several arborist on staff and ready to help you diagnose or treat tree disease with the latest technology in tree injections or deep root soil feeding. We take pride in your plantation and understand that diagnosing the issues are extremely important to bringing back your trees overall health. We also have access to great laboratories there are able to help us diagnose the more difficult issues. This puts you in a very good position and makes us the right choice when it comes to your plantation. for any problems with sick trees, or tree disease call Arbor Care Experts.


For your next land clearing Grapevine Texas project give Arbor Care Experts a call. We have in-house leading engineers they can help you with simple projects like a lot clearing or more complex undertakings like several acres of land for commercial or homestead development.

We have worked with local and statewide Land developers to become one of the leaders in the land clearing industry. We also offer a very competitive and affordable brush removal service from small jobs to monumental undertaking.

You will find it we are more affordable than most of your land development companies in DFW. Knowledgeable on North Texas soil and in-house arborist to be able to conserve the natural beauty of your land and help you make the right decisions.


If you live in North Texas especially in Grapevine you know that the inclement weather can change at any time. Storms are very common during the spring and summer months. Some of the storms can be extremely severe causing already stressed trees to collapse and fall on your property or homestead. This in itself is already an extremely stressful situation for you the homeowner or business. You need a company that has the experience in dealing with insurance claims and being able to have the proper training and equipment to remove any tree at any given time of the day or night. Arbor Care Experts has a 24 hour emergency grapevine tree removal service that is available around the clock to be able to combat any situation with storm damage trees on your property. We also have extensive experience in removing large trees around power lines and trees that have fallen and need a crane to removal. Don’t put this so important job in the hands of an unprofessional company. Arbor Care Experts is here and ready to serve you for your next tree emergency job!

Key Elements in Arbor Care Experts

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We are a company of excellence and will demand nothing short of that. We have time and time again impressed and satisfied customers with our superior tree services in house.

To be reassured we are insured and bonded by the time we step foot on your premises. This will cover all damage up to 2.5 million then if cost is abundantly over we have a bigger plan that covers what is needed.

When it comes to your tree services Arbor Care Experts is the right company for you. We have so many services that range from tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, fertilizing trees to tree mulching, adding additives, treatments for your trees now.

We have all this ready to be serviced at your location of service now. With ready, certified arborist ready to assist all your problems with your trees today.

Tree Service in Texas

Certified Tree Service

We like to do things by the book and correct. In fact, we are always keeping up with TDA and ISA this establishes security that our services are able to be pursued.

For example, our certified arborist, the diagnosing and treatments that we are giving to your trees.

When we visit your property and evaluate your trees we examine every bit of it to enable us and enhance the ability for us to acknowledge and understand to specify what you need.

Call (817) 968-1441 for a Certified Tree Service in Grapevine, TX.


Is Your Tree Sick?

It’s time to call in the professionals that can help you identify if you’re tree health is struggling due to borer beetles and insects.

Are you experiencing prematurely foliage, dieback on your branches, or eraser head size holes on the bark of your trees?

A simple diagnosis with a trained arborist will give you peace of mind and bring real answers to your trees health. Texas produces several Beetles which can cause a disease to your trees.

  • Long Horned Beatles
  • Round headed Borers
  • Locust Borers
  • Cottonwood Borers
  • Redheaded Ash Borers
  • Twig Riddler
  • Red Oak Borer
  • Twig and Branch Pruners

They are definitely a lot more but these are the common ones to North Texas. Our safe and state certified pesticides will and can stop them in their tracks eliminating these invasive pest!

Why Choose Us?
  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Over 20+ Years of Experience in hand
  • We’re Insured & Bonded all the time

Call (817) 968-1441 for a Certified Arborist in Grapevine, TX.

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