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Why Are The Branches On My Trees Dying?

When your tree has dead branches, broken twigs or branches falling then it is most likely infected by a tree disease. Contact an experienced tree company and request a complimentary consultation. An experienced plant pathologist will assess the health status of your tree and provide a diagnosis report. It is always best to take proactive measures and contact an arbor care professional when you are uncertain as to your tree’s health.

What Is Causing The Dead Branches And Branches Falling Off?

Unfortunately, there are many tree diseases that are common throughout Grapevine and the DFW metroplex area that cause dead branches and branches falling. The two described below are incurable and inflict serious devastation to trees.

  • Sudden Oak Death: This quick-spreading water mold pathogen has had a severe negative impact throughout Grapevine neighborhoods, as it has destroyed many high-value trees. The destructive organism thrives in wet Texas spring weather and causes the tree to exhibit thinning foliage, spotted leaves and broken twigs and branches. Once the disease has progressed to the advanced stages then the tree cannot be saved and it will die quickly. Call a tree doctor right away when your prized tree has manifested these symptoms or you know you have a sick tree.
  • Ganoderma: ISA certified arborists and tree care experts consider Ganoderma to be the most devastating fungal plague infecting trees. Known also as heart rot, it destroys the tree from the inside out. Ganoderma is spreading through Grapevine because its spores are transported quickly by wind, rain and splashing water. Large mushroom-like structures appear around the base of the tree and premature defoliation, wilted leaves, and dead and broken branches develop. Severely infected trees can topple over and endanger life and property; therefore, contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately when you notice mushroom-like formations around your tree or observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

What Should I Do If My Tree Can’t Be Saved Or Is Dead?

All ground debris, tree stumps, severely diseased and dead trees must immediately be removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal company. Tree removal is difficult, dangerous work and should only be handled by highly-skilled and experienced tree removal professionals. The tree removal and land clearing experts are insured and bonded for your protection and they employ stringent safety measures. This will prevent serious disease from spreading throughout your outdoor grounds and infecting other trees.

How Do I Protect My Trees?

Entrust the care of your trees and residential outdoor environment to the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas. Your trees highlight your outdoor grounds, provide cooling shade and increase your property value. Trees are important investments and their health should be guarded. The ISA certified arborist, tree doctors, and tree care specialists at an experienced tree company have been caring for the trees within our community for many years. They have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your trees remain healthy and strong.

Regularly-scheduled pruning by a tree pruning service using sanitized tools eliminates infected branches and prevents the disease from overtaking the vascular structure of your trees. Tree limbs and foliage need adequate sunlight and air circulation and regularly-scheduled pruning will ensure that they receive it.
Always have your regular lawn care maintenance and the planting of decorative bedding plants performed and directed by an experienced tree company. The vast majority of tree diseases infect trees that have been damaged or wounded. Unintentional wounds can inflict trees via mowers, weed trimmers and shovels. Tree care professionals will make certain that accidental wounds and abrasions do not occur and that your trees are protected.

Deep Root Fertilization is a very important tree health care treatment and trees that receive this annually are 95% more resistant to disease. A highly-specialized tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid nutrients that the tree requires directly into its root zone. The injected oxygen aerates the soil and eliminates soil compaction. Trees do not receive sufficient nutrition from topical lawn fertilizer. Deep root fertilization is strongly recommended and will boost the health and vitality of your trees.
Contact an experienced tree company and request a free consultation with their arbor care professionals. They will customize a continual tree health care maintenance program exclusively for you. An ongoing health care program for your trees and outdoor grounds will free you of the concern as to if your trees are ailing and will give you peace of mind in knowing that your outdoor residence and prized trees will always remain beautiful and healthy.

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