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I Noticed A Lot Of Insects Around My Trees. Can Tree Pests Harm My Trees?

Tree pests can cause severe damage to your trees. Early treatment is crucial when your trees are infested with tree pests. An experienced tree company should be contacted immediately, as tree pests can not only damage your trees but they can eventually destroy them. Tree insect problems cannot only kill your trees but they can also overtake your outdoor grounds and even invade your home. Always enlist the services of an arbor care professional when your trees are being invaded by tree pests.


  • Aphids: These tiny insects reproduce rapidly and can quickly infiltrate your entire residential grounds. Aphids extract the nutrients from tree foliage and plant leaves and they cluster together on plant stems and leaves.
  • Webworms: Visually offensive white webbed bags strewn throughout your tree branches are created by these worms. They hide within these bags to protect themselves from bird predators while they eat your tree foliage.
  • Emerald Ash Borers: These brilliant green beetles target only ash tree varieties. Once they enter the tree emerald ash borers destroy the tree’s entire vascular system. The infested tree will exhibit premature defoliation and a generally sickly appearance. Small bark holes indicate their entrance. Left untreated, these beetles will kill the tree.
  • Spider Mites: Bite marks on the top side of leaves and fine webbing on the underside are caused by spider mites. These microscopically small tree pests reproduce at an alarming rate and will rapidly infest your entire outdoor grounds.
  • Bag Worms: Deceptive in nature, bag worms create small cone-shaped encasements from bark and leaf remnants. They hide within these cones and eat pine needles. These cones must be removed and destroyed by a professional tree service to prevent bag worm reproduction and spread throughout your outdoor environment.
  • Wood Borers: The tremendous damage these tree pests inflict occurs primarily on the inside of the tree. The larvae gain entrance through the tree’s bark and then eat intricate, winding tunnels throughout the tree’s inner core wood. Left untreated, wood borers will eventually kill the tree.


Contacting the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas and entrusting them to protect the health of your trees is always the best way to combat tree pests. Weak and unhealthy trees are much more susceptible to infestation by tree pests. The arbor care professional will customize a continual tree and plant health care maintenance program designed specifically for your unique residential grounds. Tree health assessment by the ISA certified arborist will ensure that your trees are receiving the nutrients they require to remain strong and robust. Deep root fertilization administered by a highly-trained tree expert will boost the root systems of your trees and their immunity to disease and insect infestation. Proactive measures are necessary to protect your prized trees from the serious damage that tree pests can cause.

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