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What Are Borer Insects?

Borer insects are highly-destructive insect pests that weaken trees and eventually destroy them if a diagnosis report and the required treatment is not performed during the initial stages of borer invasion. Borer insects enter the tree through its bark and then destroy the tree’s vascular system, preventing the tree from providing nutrients throughout its entire structure. These insect pests are difficult to diagnose and eliminate because their extensive damage primarily occurs on the inside of the tree. Definitive indications of borer insect presence are tiny holes in the tree’s trunk and branches. Infested trees will exhibit a general declining appearance, branch dieback, a thinning canopy, premature defoliation and ultimately die if treatment is not administered quickly.

Are Borer Insects Common in Grapevine, TX?

Borer insects are, unfortunately, prevalent throughout Grapevine and the DFW area. Large black and ivory cottonwood borer beetles primarily infest cottonwood trees but also will invade willow and poplar. Vibrant green emerald ash borer beetles target only ash varieties but are so destructive that they’ve already killed over 200 million ash trees in the United States. Flathead beetles, rhododendron borers and delicate clearwing moths inflict their destruction upon shrubbery, shade tree varieties and fruit trees. These insect pests are a very serious concern of experienced tree companies within our community.

How Can I Protect My Tree From Borer Insects?

Take proactive measures and protect the health of your trees! Tree experts provide many treatments that stimulate the immune system and root structure of your trees. Deep root fertilization is highly recommended because the specific nutrients that the tree requires are injected directly into its root zone. This important treatment uplifts the tree’s resistance to disease and insect infestation by 95% when it is administered annually. Tree growth regulators are excellent for mature, tall trees and increase their root density and immunity. Guarding your trees from unintended wounding is important because borer insects primarily target weak, wounded trees. An ISA certified arborist will conduct a tree health assessment and inform you of the health status of your trees and what the best measures are to ensure that they remain well and strong.

What Can Be Done To Eliminate Borer Insects?

Early treatment is essential to eliminate these damaging insects. Insecticide applications are successful if administered by a tree doctor in the beginning stages of borer insect invasion. Severely infested or dead trees must be professionally removed, as well as all ground debris and fallen branches. Pruning of infected branches and stems with sanitized tools by a tree pruning service removes eggs that are hidden in bark crevices. When you observe that you have unhealthy trees throughout your residential grounds it is essential to promptly contact an arbor care professional!

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