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My Oak Tree Isn’t Looking Very Good. What Can Be Wrong With It?

Your tree has most likely been subjected to stress and has become weak and vulnerable to infectious agents. Even healthy trees can become weak when they have been subjected to stress. Stress can be caused by numerous factors such as extreme weather conditions, lack of adequate sunlight or compacted soil with poor drainage. It is best to enlist the services of an experienced tree company who will see to it that your trees are adequately protected from stressful situations.

Are There Serious Tree Diseases That Can Make My Oak Tree Sick?

Yes! Statement-making oak trees are unfortunately targeted by destructive tree diseases. There are numerous tree ailments that can infect oak trees and the ones below are some of the common ones throughout Grapevine and the North Texas region.

Oak Wilt:

Although Oak Wilt infects all oak varieties its preferred target is the majestic Shumard red oak. Millions of oak trees in Texas have died from this deadly fungal pathogen and its spread is not lessening. This highly-infectious disease is creating havoc throughout our residential neighborhoods and tree experts are aggressive in their determination to halt its spread. Oak wilt shuts down the tree’s vascular structure and can destroy a tree in less than six months. Leaf discolorations and dieback are visible indications of oak wilt infection. Contact an arbor care professional immediately if you observe the health of your treasured oak tree is declining.

Hypoxylon Canker:

This fungal pathogen is increasing in epidemic proportions throughout Grapevine and the DFW metroplex. It targets all oak varieties but only oak trees that are weak, stressed or wounded. The diseased tree will exhibit thinning foliage and yellowing leaves and then develop crusty areas over wounds and blackened bark falling. Once the tree is in the advanced stages of disease progression the oak is beyond saving and is a danger to human life and property. It is of the utmost importance to contact an arborist that treats sick trees promptly if you notice your oak tree is exhibiting these symptoms or if you suspect that your oak is unhealthy and sick.

Sudden Oak Death:

This lethal water mold pathogen has destroyed many high-value oak trees throughout Grapevine residential neighborhoods. It thrives in wet spring Texas weather and spreads swiftly via rain and high winds. Sudden oak death targets oak trees that have been subjected to stress and become weak and vulnerable to disease. The diseased tree will first exhibit premature defoliation and branches falling and as the disease progresses canker wounds and dark bark falling will develop. When sudden oak death is in the later stages of infection it is usually too late to save the tree and the oak will die quickly. There is no known cure for sudden oak death; therefore, do not hesitate in contacting a tree care specialist immediately if you suspect your oak tree has been stressed, wounded or is unhealthy.

What Can I Do To Improve My Oak Tree’s Health?

The best arborist in Grapevine, Texas will customize a continual tree health care maintenance program designed exclusively for you and your trees. Trees are highlights amongst your residential outdoor grounds and greatly increase your property value. Guarding the health of your prized investments is important! The ISA certified arborists, tree experts, and tree care professionals have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your outdoor grounds will always make you proud and that you will be freed of the worry and concern as to if your trees are well and healthy.

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