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Are There Benefits To Keeping My Trees Healthy?

Keeping your trees in healthy condition is of the utmost importance! The best way is too entrust their care to an experienced tree company. Your trees add beauty to your outdoor residence, are focal points within your grounds, provide cooling shade and dramatically increase your property value. The high costs of dead tree removal and replacing trees is never a welcomed expenditure. Tree experts have the knowledge and experience to assist and advise you on the best way to guard your prized living investments.

What Are The Signs Of A Healthy Tree?

Trees that are strong and robust give obvious visible indications depending upon their specific variety. In general, all healthy trees exhibit the following indications that they are well and strong:

Signs of an Healthy Tree

  • Thick Foliage

    A full canopy is indicative of a healthy tree. There should be no premature defoliation, thinning areas or dieback present.

  • Strong Bark

    The tree’s bark should be solid. Bark falling, peeling or flaking from the tree are all issues of concern.

  • Flexible Branches

    Healthy tree branches should be bendable and not easy to break. If you observe branches falling or dead branches on your grounds then it is imperative to contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately.

  • Appropriate Color

    The tree’s foliage should be consistent with the variety of the tree. The color changes of the foliage should be conducive to the time of year and season.

  • New Growth

    All healthy trees will exhibit annual new growth. Height increase, new shoots and branches, buds and leaves indicate a healthy tree.

  • Undamaged Leaves

    Leaves should be free from unsightly spots, blemishes, blotches or visible damage. If you observe any of these negative signs then the tree is unhealthy and a tree doctor should be promptly contacted.

What Can I Do To Protect The Health Of My Trees?

The best way to ensure the health of your trees is protected is to entrust their care to the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas. ISA certified arborists and tree care specialists provide many health treatments to make certain your trees remain in optimum health. There are numerous actions you can take to maintain the health of your trees and a tree expert will assist you in these endeavors. Many positive ways to guard the health of your trees include the following:

  • Tree Health Assessment: The ISA certified arborist examines your tree, completes a diagnosis report and determines the health status of the tree and what its specific required nutrients are to ensure it remains strong and well.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: We strongly recommend this important treatment. A highly-specialized tree expert injects under pressure liquid fertilizer containing the necessary minerals and nutrients the tree needs. The injected oxygen aerates the soil and eliminates soil compaction and the problems that can cause. Trees rarely receive adequate nutrition from topical lawn fertilizer and this key treatment not only increases the tree’s immunity to disease but also stimulates its root growth. Trees that receive this treatment annually are 95% less likely to develop a tree disease and their health and vitality are boosted tremendously.
  • Root Pruning: Curled roots develop when trees grow more than the small areas they are planted in allow. These curled roots can girdle the tree’s trunk and also damage your home foundation. Root pruning prevents girdled roots from occurring and eliminates stunted tree growth, damage to the tree and your home.
  • Prevent Wounds: Always entrust the regular maintenance of your habitat grounds to an arbor care professional. Accidental wounding can occur from weed trimmers and shovels. Tree diseases and insect pests tend to target wounded trees. A tree expert will see to it that unintended wounding never occurs.
  • Protect Your Tree From Stress: Although healthy trees have a stronger immunity to destructive pathogens, stress can weaken even a healthy tree and cause it to become susceptible to disease. Stress can be caused by many factors including tumultuous weather, lack of adequate sunlight or drought-like conditions. A tree expert will guard your tree from extreme temperature changes and provide controlled watering methods such as soil drenching. Regular tree pruning by a tree pruning service will eliminate overcrowded branches and ensure your tree receives adequate sunlight.
  • Tree Growth Regulators: Tall and fast-growing trees need strong root systems to support their stature. Tree growth regulators increase root density and the tree’s resistance to disease and drought.
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