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The Bark Is Falling Off My Tree. What Is Happening?

Bark falling from your tree can be caused by numerous factors. Tree diseases and insect infestations are serious issues. However, natural tree conditions such as tree growth or the tree’s variety are no reason to be concerned.

What Tree Diseases Causes Bark To Fall Off Trees?

  • Hypoxylon Canker: Millions of oak trees throughout Texas have been decimated by this lethal fungal disease and it’s spreading through Grapevine rapidly. Hypoxylon canker targets oaks that are weak and have lower immunity to destructive pathogens. No oak variety is immune. Infected trees first exhibit a thinning of their canopy, reduced new growth and yellowed leaves. As the disease progresses, crusty areas appear on the tree’s bark and the bark turns brownish-black and falls off. This tree nemesis will swiftly cause the death of the tree if treatment is not administered. It is of the utmost importance to enlist the services of an experienced tree company when you have an unhealthy tree.
  • Fireblight: There is no cure for this lethal bacterial pathogen that ravages pome (pit-centered) fruit trees. The contagious bacteria spread astonishingly fast during damp, cool spring weather. The infected tree develops unsightly misshapen and shriveled foliage. New twig growth and young shoots turn black and curl. In the later stages of infection, the tree’s bark blackens, becomes brittle and peels off the tree. The best means of combating fireblight is to prevent it from ever occurring! Entrust the care of your trees to an arbor care professional who will ensure the health of your trees is protected.
  • Dutch Elm: This deadly tree pathogen destroys the tree’s vascular structure and targets the popular elm varieties common throughout Grapevine and the DFW metroplex area. Premature defoliation, dead branches, and brittle, peeling bark indicate DED infection. This lethal tree disease will kill your tree in less than eight weeks; therefore, contact a tree care specialist immediately when your tree appears sick or you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

What Insect Pests Make Tree Bark Fall Off?

  • Pine Bark Beetles: Infestation of these damaging beetles is increasing through Grapevine at an alarming rate and ISA certified arborists and tree experts are intent on preventing the continued destruction caused by pine bark beetles. They target mature fir trees that are weak and vulnerable to disease and no evergreen variety is immune. These beetles flourish during our hot Texas summers. Tiny holes covering the tree’s bark and bark falling from the tree indicate their infestation. Left untreated, they will destroy your tree. Call an arborist that treats sick trees promptly when you sense your tree’s health is declining or your tree has manifested these indicative symptoms.
  • Wood Borers: These ruinous insect pests are common throughout Grapevine and left untreated, they will ultimately kill the infested tree. When the tree is first infested by wood borers it exhibits premature defoliation, reduced new growth and dead or wilted foliage. D-shaped marks on the bark of the tree’s trunk and branches and brittle, bark falling are symptoms that appear as their infestation progresses. Contact a tree doctor immediately if you have a sickly tree or observe beetles on your tree or outdoor grounds.

When Is It Okay For The Bark To Fall Off Trees?

Natural Tree Growth Process:

Trees will shed their bark as they grow larger. This is a part of the natural tree growth process and there is no reason to be concerned.

Tree Varieties:

Numerous tree varieties that are common in Grapevine shed their bark in large chunks or long strips and sheets. Some of these popular varieties include sycamore, birch and silver maple. If you are uncertain as to whether your tree sheds its bark naturally then call an experienced tree company and schedule a free consultation with their tree care professionals.

How Can I Find Out What Is Causing The Bark To Fall Off?

Always entrust the care of your trees and residential outdoor grounds to the best arborist in Grapevine, Texas. The experienced plant pathologist will perform a tree health assessment and provide you with a tree evaluation report. If your tree is suffering from a serious tree disease or insect infestation then the tree expert will determine the specific treatment needed and administer it to your tree. You will have the confidence in knowing that the tree disease or insect pest problem will be eliminated and your tree’s health will be restored.

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